Personal Training

Personal Training

Staying fit and active is easier with the right motivation. Our experienced personal trainers will help you explore aerobics, weights, resistance, kettlebells, and more. Whatever your goals are, we’ll work together to design the program that’s right for you.
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Win the race
Better nutrition
Sprint faster
Six-pack abs
Buns of steel
Be stronger
Do 50 push-ups
Improve posture
Run a marathon
Stay healthy
Live longer
Keep up with my kids
Win a bike race
Do 10 pull-ups
More flexibility


Meet our trainers


With more than two decades as a personal trainer, Laura has the experience, insights, and sensitivity to help clients of any age and any level of fitness reach their goals. She is especially focused on those embracing the idea of fitness for the first time and those working to overcome physical and emotional setbacks.

TrainingSpaces is the latest step in her journey. With the opening of this unique private studio, Laura welcomes not only her own clients, but fellow trainers and their clients to join in on that journey. 

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Andres Palomino


From my early years, I’ve been involved in sports and physical activity. Because of this, I was drawn to a career in kinesiology and exercise sciences. With more than 10 years experience in the field, I’m now involved with Fit After 50, a kinesiology and wellness organization specializing in the prevention and management of recurring pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and any other special physical condition. My main objective is to optimize clients’ health and help them to improve their quality of life.

Trainer Joao Domingues


I have been training clients professionally since 2001 and treating acupuncture clients since 2003. In addition, I own and operate West Wing Acupuncture, my private practice. I combine a physically demanding training regime, holistically based nutrition advice and emotional and stress reducing techniques using acupuncture to optimize client results and overall well being. As I approach my mid 40s, I have a new respect for the challenges that aging bodies present, so I firmly practice what I preach day in, day out, and year in, year out. 


Personal training changed my life. As a Registered Nurse, I knew first-hand the importance of fitness in health and recovery outcomes, and yet I struggled with my own weight and overall health. I was carrying a lot of extra pounds but I would tell myself, “That’s just the way Enston women are.”  In 2011, I finally decided to do something and made the life-changing decision to hire a Personal Trainer.

The results were amazing. I reached a level of fitness I’d never experienced and developed a renewed interest in sports, my social life and pretty much everything. After two short years, I even entered a fitness & bikini model competition. 

As your trainer, I will commit to making you as successful in reaching your goals as my trainer did with me. When you feel confident inside your own body, the sky has no limit to what you can achieve!

With my background in nursing, I am well versed in dealing with a wide variety of situations. I am passionate about helping others, work well with men and women of all ages, and I specialize in boosting self-esteem and confidence. The majority of my clients are women in the from 40 to 70, and I specialize in body transformation. Trust in someone who knows what you’re going through and who has helped many clients achieve amazing health & fitness goals!

Shamsi Ladak, trainer at TrainingSpaces


For the past 11 years, Shamsi has been working full-time as a Health and Physical Education teacher with the Toronto District School Board. She trains private clients in the evenings and on weekends. During her spare time, she loves training and competing in full marathons. Shamsi believes that all clients can reach their goals with individualized programs. Her specialties include strength training, injury rehabilitation and prevention, sport-specific conditioning, and weight loss.


I specialize in helping beginners become masters, in taking the complexity out of weight training so that you can walk into any gym in the world with confidence. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how inexperienced; if you’re willing to put in the work, I guarantee results.

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Ali (She/Her) is a fitness and life coach with a passion for building community and getting people moving! She’s a born and bred Torontonian, a dog-mom, pizza lover and will probably play ‘Strong Enough’ at least once a session. Ali is a holistic trainer, which means she doesn’t just focus on your physical wellness, but your mental and emotional wellbeing as well. A big part of Ali’s practice is connecting people with the great outdoors – she leads an inclusive mountain biking group after all! She loves taking her clients out on nature walks, hikes and outdoor work outs in the ravines for an extra special session. She is a big believer in the importance of exercise as a tool for wellness, and focuses her practice on strength training, high-intensity intervals and group classes. Ali believes fitness is for everyone, which is why her practice is 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive, body positive and supportive as heck! All fitness levels, body types and movement journeys are welcome. Get in touch with her via email for more information on her group classes and personal training packages at [email protected].


I believe fitness should be fun, positive, and above all effective.

As a trainer I aspire to help you reach your fitness goals while continually challenging you to be leaner, fitter, faster or stronger. Up to date with the latest peer reviewed literature, I make sure that every rep, every set and every effort you exert in the gym is a step closer towards your goal(s). I believe my job is not only to coach, but also to teach, so that fitness can become a bigger part of your life.

I’m a former national-level soccer player, elite hockey player and have undertaken some of the most difficult treks in the world. In my experience, exercise and good nutrition is essential to leading a better mental and physical life. Start your fitness journey with me today with a consultation, looking forward to meeting you!

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Are you a personal trainer? Are you looking for space to work with your clients? We’re always ready to welcome certified trainers to TrainingSpaces. Get in touch!