Freelance Trainers

Freelance Trainers

At Training Spaces, we understand freelance training. That’s what we do. That’s how we got here.

We know you’re not just a personal trainer. You’re a small-business owner.

That’s why Training Spaces is the ideal place to work with your clients. We offer freelance trainers:

  • a well-ventilated, well-lit, temperature-controlled environment
  • equipment that’s in good working order
  • an opportunity to grow your client base
  • access to special pricing on exercise gear through our partnership with Real Time Fitness
  • a space where both you and your clients feel safe, comfortable, and free to focus on their goals.

By training in a private or semi-private space, you can easily eliminate your client’s fear of competition, intimidation, or interruptions. You shouldn’t be carrying equipment on the subway, setting up in small condo gyms, losing most of your income to large gym chains or franchises, or training your client under a leaky air conditioner while a baby cries in the other room. You shouldn’t live in fear of multiple bookings or last-minute studio closures.

Just you and your client — working together and seeing results.

You’re a professional. Be treated like one.

Packages are on a per-client basis. 


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