Elaine Strosberg

I work out here with my trainer Jon, and love the place. They have all the equipment you could ever need, and Laura always makes sure it’s a welcoming environment.

Karyn Ruiz

The personalized approach here is the best esp if you have a specific fitness goal, are coming off an injury, or just want to hit the reset button to fitness.

David Naimark

She has just the right amount of friendliness and firmness – whining will get you nowhere with Laura!

Nina Levitt

… It’s the perfect workout environment: no pressure to conform to younger yoga bodies or muscled dudes like at a big gym …

Dean Goodman

This is a great place to work out. Small well equipped, Laura is excellent trainer and local. Perfect.

Ariel Goldblatt

… I’ve trained at a number of different studios and this one by far the best. It has state-of-the-art equipment, a professional approach without the attitude gym-vibe, and an overall welcoming environment …