Frequently Asked Questions


Green P street parking is available. There are also a number of conveniently located bicycle racks.

The studio is available by appointment only. You can book sessions directly with your trainer.

Please leave your pets at home. You can show off your new moves upon your return.

There are no shower facilities.

For Personal Trainers

Sure, the space is ideal for multiple clients. Please contact us to talk about booking the entire 745 square feet.

You are more than welcome to bring any small equipment you feel is necessary for your clients.

About Personal Training

Just yourself and clothes you feel comfortable exercising in. We’re a barefoot studio so no outdoor shoes, please.

No. Your personal trainer will figure out what’s best for you so don’t worry about investing in weights or bands.

All trainers are professionally certified and carry their own liability insurance.

Start with yourself. You’re interested in making a change otherwise you wouldn’t be on this website. What’s the one small thing you could do for yourself to make your life a little better? We’ll help you find the right trainer to turn this idea into a reality.

Finding a trainer is like dating. Sometimes, you click. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. We’ll help match you with a trainer but we won’t take it personally if you want to try someone else. We won’t be offended or upset. This is about you.