About Laura


About Laura

Laura has the experience, perspective, and creativity to help people of any age and fitness level reach their goals safely and in good health. Laura is particularly inspired by those who are new to fitness and by those who are struggling to overcome physical and emotional setbacks in their progress towards optimal fitness. Her clients trust that they have not only a superb trainer, but also an astute, no-nonsense motivator and guide; one who understands and shares the rewards of embracing physical activity for long-term health. Laura is committed to maintaining balance among mind, body and soul; a commitment she is proud to share with each and every one of her clients.

Laura came into my life when I was ready for a change. As someone who struggled with my weight since my teenage years, and someone who was recovering from an injury, I needed the help that only a professional could offer. Laura was honest about goals what I could do to attain them. Her encouragement and constant challenging nature inspired me to a path of life-long fitness. My relationship with Laura has been so valuable – both physically and mentally. She is always upfront about her own struggles and inspires me with her vast knowledge. I did end up losing the weight – well, almost all of it – but I gained confidence and a new ally in getting the most out of life.

Ariel Goldblatt

I love my workouts with Laura because she tailors each workout to my physical condition that day, my ability and weaknesses and my mood. She has helped me keep fit for over 5 years and was the first person to encourage and get me ready to do a 5K run!!! Laura encourages me to do the best I can without making me feel inadequate. It’s the perfect workout environment: no pressure to conform to younger yoga bodies or muscled dudes like at a big gym. She makes working out fun. Never boring! 

Nina Levitt

I have been training with Laura Rantin for nine years. I have never found cause to even consider switching to another trainer. Laura has an encyclopedic knowledge of exercise techniques. She pays close attention to my progression and always has a twist on a particular exercise that increases the level of difficulty just enough to challenge me. She is also perceptive with respect to my particular flexibility and other musculoskeletal  issues and has the ability to adjust particular exercises to meet those needs. She has just the right amount of friendliness and firmness – whining will get you nowhere with Laura! But I know that after every one-hour session, I have had a meaningful workout.  I am also impressed with her professionalism and courtesy to other trainers who use the space by carefully cleaning equipment and putting it away. I see that in her dealings with everyone, she is always fair and collaborative. In my interactions with her outside of our work-out sessions, I see that she is a warm, caring, compassionate and committed woman. I am excited to see how things go with her new venture. Based on everything that I know about her, I predict that it will be a big success.

David Naimark